Ha! I have conquered the internet! And baked a delicious Paleo chocolate zucchini bread.

I I feel like I'm gonna make a little triumph through our street. In the chariot with four white steeds, golden armor bodice and purple Burberry (at least!): Mel., The gladiator of the Internet. In a phenomenal battle, I have just made the nasty 011100101100sen www subject. Wait a minute, I have to pour a little rosé on it for a moment ... so there again.

The whole thing started with the fact that I wanted to have a new theme. Instead of new shoes or something. (For non-bloggers: This is the program that makes the blog look the way it looks and controls all functions, invisibly but immensely important.) Mel. In Theme Fever. So far so good.

Astonishingly, I was extremely prepared and initially installed a local server on my computer with Daniela's straightforward, professional help. This allows you to try everything in a safe test environment, so to speak, before you switched nonsense online and the blog just disappears into a black hole never to be seen again (the thought breaks my sweat!). In summary, I can say: I have done everything right and put new themes through their paces.

Until I put the nonsense online and nothing worked anymore. Great injustice! I did everything right! But those nasty zeros and ones sat and giggled in a corner, giggling like hell. Just because! And on a Saturday. The whole Sunday I have pushed huge frustration. I hate it when something does not work and I can not say why. Prompt also turned a cold. But I'm not beaten that easy! Ha! Tonight has succeeded with the breakthrough. All alone I have conquered the zeroes and ones and dance victoriously through my kitchen.

The result: Same, same but different. My old theme in a great update with a new header, sidebar in the individual post, slider on the start page, footer and many nice things that I will activate gradually.

Also I strive now the world domination of I'll redo the remaining 267 posts quickly by hand, so that all the pictures are just as chic as the home page. A snap. With enough rosé.

So while I click my pictures here and there with good temperature, you could actually bake this delicious, sweet Paleo bread. Pa ... what? Paleo. This is not just in the States just totally hip. It uses ingredients that were (presumably) eaten in the Paleolithic. Wikipedia knows: "The diet consists mainly of meat (from game), fish, seafood, shellfish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and herbs, mushrooms, nuts, chestnuts and honey. Avoid milk and dairy products, as well as cereals and cereal products such as bread. Industrially processed foods such as sugar, alcoholic beverages or prepared foods, as well as foods such as olives, which would be inedible without processing, should also be avoided. "In other words: food with the stricter low carb principle.

Paleo sounds but somehow fancier, right. I was a little skeptical as I rubbed zucchini, then mixed it with ground almonds, honey, cocoa and coconut oil. But the result: amazingly fluffy, yummy, sweet, chocolaty, juicy. My two ignorant test eaters dearest guys have made hearty access and really liked the Paleo bread. 3 eggs, 250 g honey, 2 tablespoons coconut oil (best untreated organic quality from fair trade production, eg from Tropicai), 1 pinch of salt in 1 pinch of ground vanilla . Grate 250 g zucchini and gently squeeze the excess moisture out with your fingers. Carefully stir the tenderloin raspberries under the dough.

Lay out a small box tin with parchment paper or grease with coconut oil and dust with further ground almonds.

At 170 ° C approx Bake for 40-45 minutes. Allow to cool for 2 hours.

(You can serve with a glass of milk in an un-paleo way - but you do not have to).

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