Attention in the sector: Get-you-the-Ladio! Or my first appearance on the radio.

t my taxi stops in front of the NDR radio building in the Rothbaumchausse. Actually, I could have come on foot - but of course the family breakfast for 399 reasons took longer than expected. Now I'm really glad that I have relaxed 20 minutes to my appointment with the moderators Anika and Benne (at this point I do not suspect that I will be much, much happier about it a short time later).

Anika and Benne want to talk to me about "How important is your food?" The radio station 1live brings on Sunday, 03.03. a theme day on this question. My first "appearance" on the radio - I am already very panned! I've never been to a radio station and have only seen nice pictures on TV.


I pay the taxi driver and watch the spacious grounds pass the Pförnerhäuschen. I received specific instructions by e-mail, should first search for a specific building, report to the reception there, have me taken to the "switch room" and then to the Studio E5. There the two moderators are waiting for me. And I should please, please be really punctual. Alright, let's go!


The building finds Relatively quickly - I pull the door open - and stand in a gloomy stairwell. Hm ... should not a reception be here? No signs, no information boards, just a staircase up and down. Since it is unlikely that the reception is in the basement, I decide for the stairs to the 1st floor. A short time later, I'm standing in front of a fire door. I hesitate for a minute, wondering if I will sound an alarm when I open the door and look at my watch ... after 18 minutes to the interview. Never mind! I finally have to find someone to help me, so I'm afraid. Behind the door, a dark, long corridor with countless doors welcomes me. No sound is heard. No soul far and wide. A slightly tattered fikus seems to be the only creature in this huge building. In fright of my entrance, he immediately drops another withered leaf.


I continue along the corridor, which loses itself in diffuse darkness - somewhere he has to lead - and jiggle in passing on several doors. Most are locked, but I find a tea kitchen and a single, open office. This looks quite deserted and will probably not be used for years. Briefly, I surrender to the vision that my skeleton will be found at the end of this corridor in a few years ...


I feel a bit queasy. Another look at the clock ... 15 minutes left until the interview. I hurry along the passage, which finally turns left and dismisses me in another stairwell. No, that's not how I get here. I try it one floor up. There, I have the same picture. A long, unlit corridor with many locked doors. "Halloooo ??" No answer. But now it is time. Clock check: 12 minutes left until the interview. I rushed down the stairs again and found an exit. Determined, I march to the next best building. I finally want to find people - we are not here at "I am legend" (hopefully)!

Ha! In the adjoining building, light burns ... nothing like it. Again I leave a few doors behind me, walk along corridors, turn left and right - and actually find two people in an office.It follows a felt endless, rather complicated phone call of the young lady with anyone. 10 minutes to the interview.

Then I get the salvaging information: I have to go up one flight, then turn left, walk down the long corridor to a glass door and then descend again. And then there would always be someone. I wonder if now Kurt Felix jumps out of the closet and amused himself about a particularly successful episode Understand fun . But the young lady is very helpful and repeats the instruction very seriously.

So I say thank you very much, I get moving again (8 minutes to the interview) and make my way quickly. The stairs lead up to a dead end, so I just jump another floor upstairs. No human far and wide. There is a corridor here, straight ahead, to the left, to the right ... where is this glass door? ... continue straight ... I hear voices! Juhuuu ... a glass door and a red light " record, please rest !" Let me draw hope. There, people! The voices come from three nice ladies, who are currently leafing through manuscripts full of colorful notes and apparently rehearsing something. Out of breath, I express my concern "To the switch room ?!" 7 minutes remaining. Blindfolded, shaking his head, considering - and then: "Yes, yes, I know! This is left here along the whole right behind the glass door. There's a camera on the door, so they have to ring. "6 minutes left. I sprint, sprint too far, turn around, find the door, the camera and the bell. I press the button. It beeps, makes small dialing sounds and then it does it. It does and does. And tutet. A telephone? I'm going crazy. I wait in the twilit corridor and decide defiantly, just not to move away here. Should they find my skeleton ... in about 100 years.

Then suddenly the door opens. Funnily enough, it continues to do so. A man with gray hair and a tanned face stands in front of me. "Studio E5?" I press out. He nods and says, "Come in, I'll take it." What a fantastic man! We walk through a huge room full of monitors, computers, screens, mixing consoles and flashing lights. Now, for the first time, it looks like you imagine a broadcasting studio.

But, to my chagrin, we're leaving the room right now. The lovely gentleman leads me through a door into a dark corridor (oh no!), Through glass doors (I'll keep a trauma!) To an open office door. I'm speechless. It is actually the office that I entered at the very beginning and that looked so abandoned and unused. "Uhhh ... but no one is here," I venture to object. The man looks at me strangely, flick on a desk lamp and points to the chair. "You can sit down and put on the headphones. Then someone will contact you. But do not play around with the controls! "I nod good and sit down. "When you're done, just put your headphones back and go. Se comes out through the glass door. "Then he leaves.


I'm sitting alone in an empty building in a deserted office with a headset with a microphone on my head and hear myself breathe loudly. 1 minute left.

"Hello Mel, are you there? Here are Anika and Benne "it suddenly sounds cheerful and crystal clear in the headphones. "Hello you two! Yes I'm here. And I'm pretty happy about it .... "

You can hear the result of the interview on Sunday, 03.03. in the theme day "How important is food for you?" on 1live.

For all those who could not be there live, here comes the recording: