{Travel Canada} Harvest 4 Hunger Picnic, Masstown Market and Catch of the Bay #blueberrybloggers

E in Sunday morning in late August in Nova Scotia , Canada. Our little blueberry travel group climbs on an improvised parking lot somewhere in a field of the huge, black cars, with which we are befitting here. There are hardly any small cars in this part of Canada - the distances you have to cover are enormous and the carts are big and sturdy.

Today we have another good three quarters of an hour on the highway , This can be considered by local standards as good and as an extended neighborhood. And in this neighborhood, we want to see a charity picnic, local food in a much-loved place called Masstown Market, and a blue lobster. What are you looking forward to ?!

The sky is gray-drab and it is blazing and sultry. You first have to deal with this strong combination for a short time. So we are slowly approaching the restored farmhouse , where the community is organizing a charity picnic for the hungry people around the world today: the Harvest 4 Hunger Picnic .


We are greeted warmly and with shocked fascination we see a swarm mosquitoes forming around the head of the Lord telling us about the background of the picnic. The mosquitoes orbit well visible on the forehead, then settle on it very relaxed, are scared away with a gesture and immediately land on it again on their victim. A remarkable spectacle. Mosquitoes and man are apparently well matched. The whole thing is so fascinating that it takes a very long time for us to strap on, that the mosquitoes are not only interested in the Lord. They are thrilled with a horde of blueberry bloggers , who of course have no idea how to rub mosquito stuff . I roll down the long sleeves (great!) Of my light flag dress (wonderful!) And could kiss that I just happened to put on this combo. Together with a long leggings the perfect equipment for Canadian mosquito heat. Now all I have to do is defend my forehead.

The Harvest 4 Hunger Picnic is set up in the meadow behind the farmhouse, where you can find local snacks the tickets sold by three very old, very lovely ladies with purple hair at the entrance, such as roasted corn, bratwurst, wild blueberry shortcake and - terrific! - Wild Blueberry Ice Although the breakfast is not so long ago, first of all a round of ice cream for everyone, it is clear that in the meantime the gray clouds have also disappeared and the sun is shining for us.But we have a timetable - Masstown Market is waiting for us.

Unusually, we drop our giant cars and walk a bit. Masstown Market is just a few hundred meters from our picnic location. However, the people from the passing pickups look pretty weird when you try to cross the street as a pedestrian. Presumably, they've all considered stopping them and offering their help to poor car and air-less lunatics.

But after 5 minutes we're already there. Masstown Market was announced as a real hotspot in the area. In fact, the whole thing turns out to be a medium-sized building with a corrugated iron facade. In the supermarket with attached clothing and gift department and self-service restaurant is already a lot going on. Since there is nothing better than to browse in other countries in supermarkets and people to look at, we are initially busy for the next hour.

Between all the local fruits and vegetables then Wild Blueberries galore! Here not only as plump, fresh berries and sweet particles, but also as a body lotion are simply ubiquitous here.

The blogger crew has to make a small shoot right in. A wonderfully weathered picnic table in the meadow behind the Masstown Market screams for it theoretically would cost if you saw off the table and shipping to Germany ... Concentrating on the blueberries boys and girls! Knips and snack - here everything is given.Blueberry break. Of course, we have picked up every bit of broken glass and blueberries in minute work. And when a very friendly employee shows up with a watering can full of water against our Blueberry Foret, the picnic place looks like new again. Meanwhile, as a fair punishment, thick, gray clouds are raised again and it is again extremely humid. Uff!

Thank god waiting for us on the terrace of Masstown Market the great Nery with the most beautiful things in the world on us: chilled water and mosquito repellent. In addition there is a small picnic with - of course - even more blueberries: salad with blueberry dressing, sweet blueberry particles and really real Labbertoast sandwiches with thick toppings. Delicious!

Then we briefly meet the owner of Masstown Market, who runs the company in the 3rd generation. His grandparents have started here for ever with a small market stall selling fruit and vegetables. Today, Masstown Market has become a real institution: people from all over the area come here to shop for groceries, have a picnic or eat in the restaurant. The ice cream is famous and is piled on waffles as giant balls. People of all generations meet in the parking lot, come in their huge trailers (entire truck-trailer pulled by pickups), show their motorcycles, chat, exchange news or just have a nice afternoon. Directly in front of us two old ladies wiggle their purchases to their car and then make a little break with blueberry particles.

If you stay a little longer on the terrace, the totally different people look at each other and the hustle and bustle Suddenly you can understand why this mixture of nutrition and social meeting point is a real hotspot. Daily Live in Nova Scotia - totally alive and in color.

The gray clouds suddenly start and a heavy downpour drives out parts from us shortly after. Nic, Mirja and Ricarda are still hard at the blogger ball. Catch of the Bay is the name of this popular seafood restaurant that sells and prepares all sorts of local seafood products. On the large outdoor terrace can sit quite relaxed and enjoy his catch.

The lobsters in the pool is always a bit queasy - in such a small space and with tied together scissors, oh dear. After all, it gives me a little comfort here that the lobsters come directly from the local coast and have not traveled far. Real local food. Because no point in Nova Scotia more than 56 km from the sea. Incidentally, among the animals is also a very, very rare and precious specimen: a blue lobster. For the lobster-crazy Nova Scotians, a special reason to drop by at Catch of the Bay.

Dinner is set in a different, special location today - so we'll have to go back climb into our cars and throw us on the highway. But that's another story to tell.

My tips for things to do in Nova Scotia:

Masstown Market & Restaurant Catch of the Day
10622 Nova Scotia Trunk 2
Masstown, NS B0M 1G0
Phone: + 1 902-662-2816
Hours: Daily from 9:00 to 21:00