"Maria Luisa can not help it ..." of pea pats, white truffles and a pinch of madness.

K can make a cookbook happy? When I pulled off the protective plastic foil from Maria Luisa this morning, I was expecting everything - but not the small portion of luck that spontaneously and violently set itself when leafing through. "A decelerated feel-good cookbook with great lyrics and photos," recounts Der Stern in well-spoken words. But you know what? The star is right. This cookbook is a bit different in everything, and you can feel it immediately.

In this cooking-picture-reading-book with the slightly crazy title, we meet Maria Luisa Scolastra, who, in the third generation, cooks old Umbrian recipes in the restaurant Foligno. Radically seasonal, radically regional, with plenty of vegetables and fine legumes, meat and fish. It's almost as if you move into Maria Luisa's old villa and accompany her like a friend in her everyday life. We harvest together, buy, meet their funny friends, their local suppliers - and cook with her after the seasons. Very close, completely unadorned, completely unrushed.

The lyrics are refreshingly entertaining and the photos are a wonderful reflection of Maria Luisa's Kitchen Again: Refined Recipes Made from Simple Ingredients - Stunningly Unpretentious Presents. Whether this is partly due to the special letterpress printing on ceramic-chalked paper? Take a picture for yourself when you have the book in your hand. But even in digital form, the photos are already doing extremely well: Swiss chard risotto packages with rabbit ragout

Crème caramel with chestnut chocolate cream

Pork fillet in sage-juniper sauce with savoy cabbage stew

Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Nut Sauce Paradise

So: This cookbook can make happy! Buy Now!

Maria Luisa can not help it: From pea peas, white truffles and a pinch of madness Text: Judith Stoletzky , Photography: Justyna Krzyzanowska , Recipes: Maria Luisa Scolastra
ISBN 978-3-938100-67 -7